Friday, December 10, 2010

My yearly sick

I have been hit with my annual sinus thing. The one where I announce that it's too bad snot has no nutritional value. Ahem. Tmi I know.

This is not a bowl of chicken soup but contains the entries for the contest. Oh what, you say you haven't entered yet? Just scroll down to see details.
And back to bed for me!

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  1. MaryBeth, hope you are doing better very soon. I had a horrid day yesterday and have decided it must have been a sinus thing: dizzy all day like I'd been having fun (but I hadn't been) and siiiick :( Much better today so hoping your problems only last a day.

  2. It must be the change of seasons gets me too! vicks!then at least you can breathe!

  3. Just found your site. Poor thing! I do hope you feel better soon. Those winter colds can be so miserable! I am off to read about your contest :)

  4. Aw, hon, I'm sorry you've got the goop-crud. Better soon, especially with the good soup, lots of tea, and lots of good old REST.
    Key of G, 4/4 time,
    ||: 32 bars of Whole Note Rests | d.c. al Coda |*snore*:||
    Year's Turn greetings to John and the kittehs...

  5. I hope you feel better real soon!!!
    To be sick this time of year, sucks!!

  6. Hope you are better soonx Winter is bad enough but with a cold as well...horriblexxx

  7. Hope you're feeling better!


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