Monday, February 21, 2011

Art & Book Give Away

The Blog Tour continues with a visit to Mystic Vixen, the wonderful blog of Elizabeth MacCrellish.  She and I have so much in common, mainly Squam (which is her creation!) and food and art (and music too, I might add, but more about that later). 
See, Elizabeth is a foodie who is also a cook and an artist. So when I decided to write a book combining ideas about food and art, it was a no-brainer to ask Elizabeth to contribute. In fact, other than my editor, Tonia Davenport, Elizabeth was the first guest artist to come to mind. Of course she tried to say 'no' because she is uber busy, but you know me, I simply couldn't take 'no' for an answer. Not from Elizabeth! I mean I did what I do best, I whined.....and she gave in, yippeee. 
Elizabeth made a lovely piece of art for the book plus contributed a kick butt recipe. Both the art and the recipe simply resonate with her gorgeous spirit. She is truly a Goddess, you know? That being confirmed by this week's two-fer give-away. 
1. Elizabeth is giving away her original artwork that appeared in the book. Yes, I repeat, she is giving away her original art from the book. How cool is that!?!? You can click on over here to enter your name. The drawing is on Friday.
2. And I am giving away a copy of the book and exclusive stencil. To enter for the book, simply leave a comment here and then re-post this Blog Entry on one of the Social Media options below - see those little links......that would make me really really happy (see, I'm starting to whine already) cause it helps me spread the word. Drawing at midnite central time on Friday.
And speaking of spreading the word......check out this blog by my new best friend (stalker) Amy. I heart her. Not just for talking so nice about my book but because she is so frigging funny. You will want to read every single one of her posts, she is really a good blogger.


  1. Steph6:43 PM

    OOh I pray for my lucky stars will shine on meshine.... It'll be a real treat to receive this book.
    Thank you.

  2. Wow what great stuff. I was referred to your site by Bernadette Ward from Pan Pastels. I am learning so many new things. Can't wait to buy some stencils and wood icing and would love the book!!!

  3. Pick me, pick me, pick me! So gorgeous!

  4. What a fabulous book, food & art!! Congratulations Mary Beth. I look forward to getting my hands on a copy. Really enjoyed my class with you at squam this past fall. Take care!

  5. Wonderful idea for a book. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. I can only hope to win such a generous give away!

  7. Wonderful Bren from esynergy sent me and I can't stop grinning over
    finding your blog!
    Feels like I already won something:)

  8. Well, I intend to buy this book if I don't win - but what the heck, I'll try for a win!! Looks great and contains such interesting top-notch mixed media artists. I'll post a link and share over at my blog :)

  9. As Elizabeth says so elequently:
    "Me ME Mine!"

    wishing you much success!


  10. Anonymous9:09 AM

    someone after my own heart: food, art, mixed media...great concept, sounds like a treat of a book! Congratulations on making it all happen, thank you for the give-away opportunity! Cheers from Spain!

  11. skipped over from elizabeth's -- now skipping over to share on fb then on to amy's blog --guess it's a bloggy kind of day for me -- woohoo! hope to meet you in september!

  12. Mary Dean12:30 PM

    I just discovered your work. What a treasure! I'd love to win the book. I'll post to FB.

    Mary Dean

  13. I am so excited for you, MaryBeth ! Such yummy well-deserved things floating your way ! Thanks for the chance to win the book and one of your oh so cool stencils !
    Cheers, baby !

  14. Wow!!! What a great giveaway!!

  15. What an amazing giveaway - thank you! :)

    If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com

  16. Food AND art - I can't imagine a better book premise (unless you could manage to somehow tie in romance and gardening, with those first two... ;).

  17. What's not to like about this?! Lovely!

  18. book looks great-linked on my blog~

  19. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your wonderful book. What a treat it would be if I was chosen! Art and food -- two of my FAVORITE things. What a great idea that combination is for a book. You are a genius! Congrats on the publication. You must be so excited.

  20. ooh!! so excited for you and everyone involved!!! yahoooo! thank you!

  21. Oh I would love to win this book. Just found your blog via Bren at Esynergy blog. So glad I did. Cannot wait to look around more. I see there are many artsy ideas you show that I would love to try.

    Thank you!
    Lee Ann

  22. I would <3 LOVE <3 a chance to win

    Bren sent me, BTW

  23. Congraturlations!
    So excited for you, and looking forward to your book signing
    ~Mary Nasser

  24. I meant "congratulations!"
    Typing too fast! :)

  25. Yes! I make the deadline:) I'd like to win but I'm going to come and buy the book if I don't...hope to meet you at the book signing!


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