Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hello Sunshine

Finally. The sun shines. It seems especially bright with the snow.

One of the things that is fun about snow is observing the animal tracks each morning. For instance, today I noticed the tracks from a rather large deer that had apparently been standing right on my front porch! Oh how I would have loved to have seen him or her. I am guessing they come during the night when we are asleep. All the shades had been lowered last night to keep the warm in, but we have side windows by the front door and I can only imagine this creature peering in to see what we were doing or (more likely) to scope out possible food sources.

Some of Jasper's friends
And here are a few of our bird buddies who clamor over the buffet. That lady Cardinal is so adorable. She has been really puffed up with the cold weather and there are times when it appears she has a mohawk. She is very camera shy and I've been trying to catch a good picture of her for days. I had to belly crawl across the family room and shoot between a trunk and chair to get this shot. I will keep trying though. Happy Winter everyone; I don't mind being stuck indoors. I have everything I need here.


  1. I love those cardinals. Mine is camera shy also. Hubby, could care less. And those mourning doves. They keep trying to come in my house for a visit.
    I could watch those birds all day long.

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I have bird pics, too. I had a crow, yesterday! At least I think it was, too big and too pretty to be a damned starling, but it was very shy.


  3. Feeling much the same way, Mary Beth. Other than a few necessary trips on quiet snow-free days, my indoor life has been suiting me just fine.
    Good luck with the Mrs. Cardinal hunt !


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