Monday, February 14, 2011

Flavor for Mixed Media goes on a Blog Tour - Week #1

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I am thrilled to announce that each week for the next fifteen weeks (yep, count 'em, 15!!) my book will be featured on a different blog. There will be lots of prizes - free books, art, etc. Each Blogger will do something a little different so I know it is going to be great fun. And now, drum roll please.........we begin week 1 with Ilka's Attic, the adorable and evocative Blog of Susan Tuttle.

I have "known" Susan for several years now. Nope, I've never met her in person, but I sense that we would get along quite well. I am hoping to catch up with her this fall when I travel to Maine; I dream that we will play with our cameras and she will taken a magical portrait of me (ha, no pressure, Susan) or maybe I'll even get to travel around the countryside with her. It seems to me she lives in an amazing spot, I sort of salivate over her photography.
Susan is getting ready to start another one of her Photoshop classes - this one is Photomanipulation 3 (it's ok if you haven't taken 1 or 2 because they aren't sequential). Anyhoo,  click here for more information and you can also sign up now 'cause registration is Open. I have taken Susan's classes before and they are excellent with an appropriate level of detail, great screen shots and everything you need to become proficient at Photoshop. She knows what she is doing and also has the ability to explain it in normal language which is very important to me.

Don't forget to also click over to her blog to enter the contest for a free copy of my book - it will be signed by me and also includes the exclusive stencil that says "Savor Life's Flavor."  The contest runs till Friday.

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  1. do you have all your people (blogs) cause i would totally do this :)


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