Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Experience Mixed Media art in France: announcing La Cascade

Have you been wondering about my exciting news? I am still pinching myself over this one, seems so unbelievable how could it possibly be real? I am teaching in Durfort, France next year, at La Cascade. 
Durfort is a small town southeast from Toulouse; imagine a 17th century house, perched next to a babbling river. Adventures abound - hiking (Roman ruins, anyone?), museums (Toulouse, Goya), markets, and food from our in house chef. And art. There is always art. I need it to breathe and I know you do too or you wouldn't be reading this.

So, what will I teach, you might ask?

I want to journey back to my roots of collage and painting and writing. I want us to feel the gentle influence of the land, taste the flavors, experience the light and energy of this fabulous location and allow it to guide our art. If we look and listen the roots will grow and sprout a new voice.
Photos of LaCascade courtesy of Dayle Doroshow, published with her permission

I am limiting the number of students to keep it very small. One of the things I have learned from Valley Ridge is the incredible gift of intimacy. It is a dance really, when one is attempting to earn a living - do I accept a lot of students (ie, more money) or do I keep it small? Well, this time I am keeping it small, very very small. 

June 8-15, 2012. $1800 includes lodging, majority of food and class. More details available upon request, shoot me an email or comment if you are seriously interested. I don't plan to do widespread advertising.


  1. Exciting news indeed Mary Beth! I'm sure you and your students will have a wonderful time!

  2. I am interested!!!! What an exciting adventure this would be!!
    Let me know the details. Thanks!

  3. A dream come true, what a time you are going to have, the countryside looks idyllic.

  4. One of my closest art friends is there RIGHT NOW with Dayle. Her second time.

  5. So cool. Hmmmm good thing for me to save up for....

  6. Sounds delightful. I am retiring in a year-this type of class will inspire my thoughts of how to make the transition from a career to world exploration!!! I just found your stencils and your blog. Can't wait to discover more!

  7. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I took a week long class at La Cascade from Dayle four years ago and still think longingly of those wonderful days. You will love it!

  8. I just returned from three weeks northeast of Toulouse. Wonderful area! I am just beginning to put photos on my blogs. has some wedding related photos. has the first batch of lettering related photos. With about 3000 photos to go through, it will be awhile before I get arty ones and scenic ones posted, but they're coming! This is exciting news. I know you'll love it!


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