Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Triad Color Theory - with just 3 paints

This past weekend, at Create Chicago, I taught Color Moods, which is basically a half day color theory class based on different Triads of Red/Yellow/Blue. The idea is to work very abstractly with the paints, trying out a few triads until you find one that suits your mood. This project is outlined in my book too in case you are interested.
One of my students, Bette Brody, loved(!!!!) Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paints. Using the Triad - Dash of Red, Smidge of Blue, Dab of Yellow (and white), you can make such pretty colors - I mean look how happy these colors are - they make me smile!
And the little pieces that Bette cut out?  They are adorable abstract compositions, aren't they?


  1. This looks so great and happy.
    I really have to look at this in your book.

  2. Great interview with Rice! I just heard it.

  3. AWESOME new Ward stencils at Stencil Girl!

  4. I'm still impressed with the idea that so many colors can be created with just three simple colors. Beautiful results of color possibilities.


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