Monday, October 03, 2011

My summer vacation - ICA Boston

After I left Squam, I drove down to Boston to pick up the hubster who was flying in from St. Louis. I knew I would have a little extra time and I wanted to see the Swoon exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art. 

Swoon is a street artist who has gone museum, woo hoo for her, huh? I adore her work because of the printmaking and of course all the paper cuts. They are incredibly intricate and honestly I can not even imagine how her mind conceptualizes these pieces.
At ICA Boston, the piece spans their lobby area and then sort of meanders over into an elevator shaft where you can view the work from various floors. Needless to say it is hard to photograph. I swear I walked around with my mouth hanging open the entire time. Really cool. I wanted to take the papercuts home with me. LOVED.THEM.
Go watch this video to see what I am talking about.


  1. I watched the video. It is incredible. And you got to see this installation in person? OMG!

  2. got to see this in person??? wowa. i started with the tears just watching the mind churning to come up with a way to get to Boston NOW!
    thanks for sharing...where we go next?
    Linda E

  3. I like the paper cuts as well, but I find them bothersome when I have to work around the drops on my old paper!

  4. wow! lucky you. I know of her work and LOVE it and her process. cool.


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