Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rambling around

When I stepped into my Collector's home and saw the diptych in their foyer, I felt like I had come across an old friend. I honestly couldn't even remember when I painted it, at least 5 years ago. Then I walked into the dining room and saw a more recent piece, I think that one was maybe last year?
And there were others too, not shown here because my photography is so unbearably pitiful. It is interesting to see how my style has changed. This Collector first met me when I was doing the Common Denominator series, which started over 10 years ago. They own a few of those too, what a blast to the past. I feel incredibly blessed to have Collectors; people who own multiple pieces of my work. What a gift to be in their home and see my work all around. 
They told me a story about a friend who visited and, after looking at their art collection said....I saw some art you need to see because I know you would love it, I think the artist's name is Mary Beth Shaw....We all got a laugh out of that one.
And their children, so adorable, they have been the subject of several commissioned works although they are too young to take it seriously, I feel they will appreciate it one day.

I am coming off a crappy week, what with my cat Gilligan dying on Tuesday. I have been wallowing around, can't seem to motivate myself in any specific direction; I wander about my studio making ugly art, sit in my office staring at a blank screen or hang out in bed way too long.
I though perhaps I would try to pull myself out of it today. And be thankful for all that life gives me, thankful for the fact that I shared almost 20 years with such a loyal and loving kitty. Thankful for the gift of art, the way it restores and invigorates me and allows me to share my passion with like minded souls. Making it, looking at it, reading about it, all those things. And especially that lovely sweet spot when someone resonates with a piece.
So thanks to all of you too, my readers and friends. 
I think I am finally ready to get back to work. I have paintings to make, ideas to explore. How about you? What is going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. Be gentle with yourself as you go through the loss of your furry friend. It takes time to let that go...
    Things here are rockin'. The Fall has been beautiful and inspiring in lots of ways. I am looking forward to a 5 day visit from my Mom next week, our first mom/daughter visit in about 6 months.
    I hope you find some sweet energy and peace this week, MaryBeth !
    Light anmd love to your tender heart !

  2. Oh Kim, what a lovely message. You are a sweetie :) Hope you and your Mom have the best time ever!!

  3. they are our babies! and we miss them! you're allowed! to brighten your life paint some things in your journal from the cat's point of view !. that should get you going!

  4. What a delightful idea :) Love it, Lyle!!

  5. So sorry about your dear, sweet kitty. The love between a pet and owner is so strong. Your collector story is wonderful! I love your work. Kathy

  6. our furry friends our like our children (in my case, they are my children!). it is so hard to lose one. sending love and light to you. xo carlanda

  7. I am so sorry about the loss of your kitty!! Tis hard to lose a fur baby for sure. Hugs to you sweetie!
    And it is so cool to be able to see your work in anothers' house or office. Definitely a way to view your pieces in a different setting. Brings out some interesting ideas!

  8. Such a long time of loving doesn't allow for a brief time of grieving. It's a process be kind to yourself my friend.
    Truly is a great complement and so encouraging to have more than one art piece purchased by the same person.

  9. MB..I'm so sorry her here about your loving cat, a friend. With someone as wonderful as you, she had a beautiful life. How blessed you both are to have had each other. I do love all your work and we all get the slumps. I'm in one now as a matter of fact. Need.... to.... keep... going. ugh! Keep the faith.

  10. How wonderful to see your art hanging on someone else's wall! Hope you get your inspiration back! So sorry you lost your cat- I know how hard that must be! Patsy from

  11. soooo sorry about your kitty. and it's okay to just feel bad for a while. It's understandable. take care of yourself...xoxo


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