Monday, October 31, 2011

Smitten with Kittens

Ok, so here's the thing about me and John. We are slightly nuts. Ahem, or perhaps I only speak for myself. I would venture that John often feels like our life is an amusement park ride. But I warned him about that, admitted as much on our first date.
So anyway, last time I wrote, I told you all that Gilligan died, right? It was horribly sad and our feelings were only eclipsed by the forlorn attitude of Jasper Johns, our remaining cat who continued to mope around the house day after day. I was grumpy, John was silent, we were mourning. 
At the same time, we knew we wanted another cat (and I secretly wanted 2 more) preferably Maine Coons since that is what we like - big ole furry animals!
John and I worked all the angles and contacted numerous organizations, toured humane societies, surfed online, etc, etc, etc. We were a tad obsessed and yes, I do mean both of us.
I registered on the Maine Coon Rescue site and was assigned an adoption counselor named Kelley. She was a treat to work with and quickly tied down what we wanted, that being 'older' kittens. But, as these things sometimes happen, the cutest kittens were in North Carolina and were plural as in there were 2 of them and you know how tragic it would be to split up a duo. Hmmm, what to do, oh what to do?
My glorious, perfect, kitty loving husband jumped in the car and drove on over there. From Missouri to North Carolina. Ten hours, you say? Pshaw, we say!
From upper left - Remy with Jasper, Lyra stretched out, Lyra asleep, all 3 on the landing, Remy playing, then on the scratching post, Remy closeup, middle pic is Lyra standing and Remy seated.
He met with Cat & Glen, the wonderful foster parents, loaded up the babies, and then drove 10 hours back home. After a brief isolation period (ok, I'm impatient, so sue me), we introduced the critters and life has never been the same. They jump, play, leap, scratch (we're working on that) and generally sound like a small herd - oh so much action and noise for such small kitties - running around the house. We love every second of it. In fact, it was love at first site for me. Definitely smitten. 

So there you have it. We are a 3 cat family again.
Everyone is getting on splendidly and happiness has returned to the Shaw household.


  1. Awwwwwwww ~ I love new babies! Sniff their heads for me :-))

  2. Those cats rock!! So jealous you have three now. Sad to hear your buddy went to cat heaven. He was a sweet guy.

  3. Oh !!!! You are so lucky ! I love Maine Coon Cats too. We almost rescued one when we adopted our big Tabby, Aslan, but alsa, the Coon Cat attacked the dog when they tested him with them and my sweet Chica wouldn't have put up a fight, kitty loving Lab that she is.
    Enjoy your new addtions, Mary-Beth !

  4. yeah for kitties! kiss them for Tomi and me !we each have 3 and love them to pieces!

  5. What a beautiful bunch of kitties. The things we do for love :-)

  6. Well congratulations! Those are gorgeous kitties!! I am glad happiness now reigns within your household!

  7. Oh, my. First, I've been a bit absent lately & had no idea you lost a beloved furry family member. And poor, poor Jasper. But he is poor no more, for now he has TWO new kitty siblings. How wonderful for you all. I love that John drove all the way to NC to pick up those darlings and bring them back to St. Louis - what a guy! And what a life you lead. I love all the pics - love that Jasper is no longer moping - and love that your family has made it back to 3 furry felines! Congrats all around!

  8. congratulations you kind of crack me up. mostly because, damn, if you don't sound like us. my john would have totally done the same thing....that 20 hour drive....just to make our hearts happy again.

    have the best time with your new babies....xooxxo

  9. hey you crazy cat lady!I love this romantic kitten tale!! And I'm jealous of your three cat household... For sure can't let my kids see this. I told them three kids and two cats was the legal limit! ; )

  10. How lovely they are!! I think my family of animals will be devastated when they pass gradually... Enjoy your kitties! =)

  11. Awwwww. I love pet posts!
    So wonderful you have 3 kitties now! :)


    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  12. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Congrats on your expanded kitty family!! What a treasure that hubby of yours is to go fetch the babies home for you!!



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