Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Time in Flight

Where oh where does the time go? I mean seriously.
Lately I have become a delinquent blogger. I don't mean to, there are tons of blog posts that I construct in my head, but they never make it to the page for one reason or another.
I am doing a trunk show this weekend, over at Chesterfield Arts.  Since I've been doing so much teaching, I am waaaayyyyyy out of practice with the shows. Hence I feel like I've been reinventing the wheel this week. Plus I like to make gift items (in addition to wall art) for the holidays. Here is the small journal kit I made.
This required me to sew - see that handpainted paper on the cover of the journal, that is sewn together. I actually poked myself and bled on one of them, nothing that paint couldn't fix, tee, hee.
Several of my local art friends are doing the show so I know it is going to be fun.
Dawson will be there. 
I adore her work, have bought some of her tea lights for my house and also for gifts. Plus I am pining away for the work above, from her WallFlower series. I even have a spot picked out, where it will hang.......just sayin'....
And Sharon will be there.
Her work rocks. Seriously. Rock stars own it. Actually I just made that up, I don't know if they do or not, but they should.
So, in case you have been wondering what I'm doing, this is it.
If you are in the St. Louis area, come out and see us!!! 


  1. Consistent blogging lately, has been tough for me also. We mean well, don't we? I love the first photo you have of your kit. Now, did you use checkerboard duct tape? Cuz, I just did a journal cover...look at the last pic in my latest blog post..
    So many instances where we are thinking the same. I'm tellin ya.

  2. love your journal kit idea, you've been a busy girl. Know you will have a great show.
    Have fun

  3. Love your journal!! And Dawson's work is amazing!! Wow!


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