Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the Season

I know it's time to decorate. Well, past time, if you consider so many places have had their decorations up since Halloween or Thanksgiving. PEOPLE, what are you thinking.
Oh sorry, I digress.
I am in a quandry about the tree this year. Mainly because of........
Remington in the back, Lyra up front
Ahem....yes, I know they look innocent but, trust me, they are wild beasts. One morning John and I walked downstairs to find they had wiped out a dining room chair. On its back it was, all four feet up in the air, how they managed it I can not imagine. Or the bigger question, why didn't it wake us up?
The idea of a tree seems, well, a little nuts quite frankly.
But I do want ornaments, yes I do. I think I am going to duct tape them to the railing. It won't be the most glamorous look, but festive in a different way. I will get cute duct tape, tee, hee.
Seriously though, these are the ornaments on my list.......aren't they fab? They are oversize, B-I-G, very cool. Painted by my friend Calise for the wee sum of $18. If you are in St. Louis, you can grab them at the Wood Icing Store in Chesterfield Mall. If you are out of town email her:
She does custom work too, it is completely adorable. Hmmmm, me thinks I should have her do Remy and Lyra........


  1. Hey,the cats almost look like synchronized cat sleeping.

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Yes, I have some furry monsters of just that sort. :) I've conquered the problem by having a smaller tree that I can put up on top of my china hutch where they can't get to it - plus I clear out the hutch and fill it with my presents so the kitties aren't tempted by all those pretty ribbons and tags. I probably end up decorating MORE than I did before because I manage to have something on every surface above leaping height (including hanging on ribbons in the windows)!! It's worth it - enjoy!!

  3. Hey Mary Beth...we have 5 cats and a dog...and the tree is fine. We just don't decorate the bottom 1/4 of it and put none breakable ornaments toward the bottom of the tree so if they do get knocked about, they survive.

    Now if I can just keep them from grabbing the ball garland and running with it, all will be excellent! hehe

  4. Hey Mary Beth! All should be fine...we have 5 cats and a dog and ours survives by doing this: make sure you avoid any decorations on the lower 1/4 of the tree and place non breakable ornaments on the bottom so that if they do play, the ornaments will survive! Now if I can just keep them from grabbing the bead garland in their mouths and running with it, all would be excellent! :)

  5. Anonymous10:47 PM

    So maybe trade the kitties in for dogs during the holiday season. My only problem is when we put the tree up Lucky (the male jack russell) likes to mark it....which translates to pee on the base of the tree...I know yuck!

  6. How about saving the netting that covers the tree when you buy it? Then, when the tree is decorated, put the netting over the tree again. That might work? Ha!!

  7. I am in the same quandry - I got 2 young and very energetic ones in October. Have you seen this Simon's cat videos on utube?


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