Thursday, December 29, 2011

Art Unraveled, woo hoo!!!

Yay, I get to teach at Art Unraveled again!!! All of the retreats have their own personality and, for me, this one is about community, friendship, hanging out and making art together. It is held at an Embassy Suite, so the accommodations are quite nice. Free breakfast and free happy hour (uh, yeah, I admit I have called happy hour 'dinner') set up opportunities to meet people and that is when much of the 'hanging out' takes place.
I find there more interaction between teachers and students at AU - probably because it is so comfy to lounge around in the lobby/bar/pool area. Personally, I like that a lot and it is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching at AU - Linda is also incredibly detail minded and this operation runs like a well oiled clock. As for the ART? Well you have got to see the classes.....ooh, la, la, nice lineup this year, the 10th anniversary! 
So, go check it out. And I hope to see you there!!
pssssst, there is a discount for early registration, pass it on........


  1. Whacko!...clever (and lucky) you. Have fun.

  2. Beautiful pieces. This looks like a great retreat!

  3. Thanks so much :) it is really fun (not to mention freeing) to paint with a palette knife!!

  4. I signed up with the Yahoo group to find out more about AU! Thanks for the link

  5. Sounds like an incredible workshop! And your work here is beautiful!

  6. Oh Yay back at you! See you there.

  7. Wouldn't miss this one! So excited you'll be back!!


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