Thursday, April 12, 2012

Out of my Cave

We traveled to Cincinnati over the Easter weekend to spend the holiday with my Mom and Dad.
One of the highlights of the visit was the Nick Cave show at the Cincinnati Art Museum. I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to take any pictures (in my cave till the guard snapped me right out of it!) and got this shot which gives you an idea of his work.

I love this guy. I mean seriously.
His Soundsuits were displayed around the museum and we followed marks on the floor to locate each one of them. So inventive, they were constructed of all sorts of fun things from potholders to fisherman sweater to buttons. There was video showing a group of people dancing while wearing the Soundsuits and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them 'in action'. It must be sooooo cool to observe them live, especially a large group of people wearing the suits - I mean they just make me smile, I can't help myself.
If you are Cincinnati, head to the art museum before this exhibit is over, you have a few more weeks!!


  1. Oh my fun!!! No pics?? Darn...that sucked

  2. Sweetie and I saw this exhibit and had stupid grins on our faces all the way through - just pure fun and a childlike amazement at the work and colors! Glad you got to see it.

  3. I know I'm going backwards but I just watched your wreath segment on the TV, how much fun! then I saw this blog post and got so excited as the Nick Cave Exhibit is being installed as I type at the Boise Art Museum, of which I am a docent and get to take kids through on tours AND I was chosen to make an installation piece in conjunction with this show! How much fun!!


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