Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What goes around....

comes around in such delightful ways.
A few weeks ago I was scheduled to appear on Great Day St. Louis; if you've been around my blog for awhile, you have undoubtedly heard about my TV gigs, you can find one of my classic stories here (yeah, it's a funny one).
But I digress. Anyhoo, I was trying to figure out what to make, seeing as I was going to be on the show right before Easter. I wanted something cute and spring-like. I knew I would be appearing right after returning home from Artfest meaning my brain would be fried! and also meaning I should not try to reinvent the wheel as I am want to do but should make something tried and true.
I pulled my 'ideas' file.
Perused a folder of 'techniques' that I had saved online.
Then while surfing the web I came across the cutest wreath ever. Made of burlap, which I happened to have on hand. It involved a hot glue gun which could be trouble for me, remember that time I glued part of the project to the tablecloth - on live tv naturally. But I felt up to the challenge.
Here is the original blog post that caught my interest, by Maria - it is a project she did for Donna Downey. I contacted Donna Downey and got the a-ok from her assistant. Also contacted Maria and she said it was fine. I sent everyone stencils as a 'thank you.'
Now here is a link to the actual TV segment if anyone is interested - no mishaps this time, whew, and I think it went fine. BUT! As a point of interest, Virginia, the adorable hostess (so-so sweet!!) was wearing 6 inch heels. Ahem. Her heels beat my heels by, well, by six inches, hahahaha.
This is my version of Maria's wreath. I gave it to my Mom for Easter.
This past Monday, Maria, posted on her blog the art she had made with the stencils I gave her - isn't that sweet? And since she gave me a little shout out, I thought I would do the same for her. She writes a super duper blog by the way.

Being nice never goes out of style, does it?


  1. Thanks MaryBeth! I like to live by always treat someone the way you would want to be treated :) And in this case I gained a new friend! Hope your mom loved your wreath, I DID!

  2. Entertaining! Love your laid back, easy humour style and the wreath is fun too :-)

  3. I shared your StencilGirlProducts site with the students in my recent workshop (taken from Myrna Wacknov) so I hope you get some more orders - everyone was ooohing and aaahing over them and wanted to try them out :) And, yes, being nice will never go out of style!! 6 inch heels??? Ouch!!!


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