Friday, June 09, 2006

Amenities Schmenities

It is always nice when there are artist amenities at the shows. So far this year, 4 Bridges was the best with their amazingly generous Hospitality tent full of food and drink. Not to mention the very cool name tag. And the hotel rate (they blocked out suites at a great bargain price) just walking distance from the show. And the excellent Preview party. And the free parking. And free Wi-Fi on site. And wonderful volunteers for booth sitting. And the Patron dollars. And the Prize money. At Brookside, volunteers cruise regularly offering booth sitting and water. There is a Hospitality room with all sorts of drinks, fruit and snacks. Breakfast is offered every day and they deliver a meal to each artist on Saturday night including a glass of wine. Some shows offer discounted food to artists. Some shows give free t-shirts. It really varies, but you get the drift.

On the other hand, there are shows with few amenities. Like a certain un-named show I am doing on a certain un-named date. Not an inexpensive show; the booth price was mid-range, around $300 including electricity which may or may not materialize.

Basically it's a "Here's your space, don't bother us" kind of show. We are instructed to unload our stuff and leave it unattended on a public street while we then attempt to find parking for our truck.......not provided of course and not free. In an area not known for available parking.

There are no judges, thus no prizes. No party, no meals. No storage behind the booth. No free snacks or drinks, no WATER even......bring money they suggest, Since there are also no booth sitters, they suggest we get to know our neighbors. Hmmm.

I wonder if I'll get a name tag?

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  1. When I see you in Madison, you gotta tell me which show this is.....


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