Monday, June 05, 2006

We are back from Summerfair in Cincinnati. It was a good show despite early threatening weather. We got the tent up before the rain hit on Thursday. It continued to rain all that night but lucky for us it tapered off about an hour or two into Friday's opening. Actually turned out to be a darn near perfect 75 degrees and sunny with no humidity.

My tent is so great, no rain leakage at all. It was funny though, the rain made the ground really damp (I was on grass) and each morning so much humidity had built up IN my tent it felt like a terrarium when I opened the bad there was condensation dripping off the inside of the tent.

I ordered a new chair last week and it arrived in time for this show. It is a "real" art show artist chair, not a cheap imitation like my previous director's chair which I have worn out in 2 seasons. The new one is gorgeous and really tall so I can leap out of it. The wood is smooth and sleek and just so new I didn't want the legs of the chair to get damp or muddy (yeah, I know it's inevitable, but just not the 1st time I use it). I ignored John's chuckling and used plastic grocery bags to fashion little "booties" for each leg of the chair in addition to a cover for the foot rest. All right, so maybe it wasn't the best look, but it worked and my chair still looks new.

I won an Honorable mention in the Painting category. In recognition, a trio of trumpeters stood in front of my booth and played a fanfare. Then the show director announced the award and a bunch of the show committee people all clapped. It was organized kind of like those birthday recognitions they do at Mexican chain restaurants, ie very embarrassing. My mom happened to be at my booth when the award was given and I think she got a kick out of it. The downside is she might have memorialized the event on film. Seriously though, I am thrilled by the award, which gives me automatic acceptance into next year's show.


  1. Yay, MB!

    Congrats! I can hear the music now! Did you dance along? What joyous celebration & automatic admittance for next year. You rock!


  2. Oh, you and your band....I can see it now. Congrats girl !!!! You so deserve it. Do you think the next time you do something really neat at home, John will pull out a trumpet and play a little something for you ?????...and the answer is....only if you have him trained right. LOL


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