Monday, June 19, 2006

I found a tic on Merlyn yesterday. Yes, that would be Merlyn who sleeps with me every night. Needless to say this did not make me happy. I have no idea where he got it since he is an indoor cat. I am guessing John or I brought it into the house and it jumped on Merlyn. That is what I am telling myself. I cannot imagine that tics are just walking into the house. I did manage to remove it without too much trouble. That cat is so amazing when something like this happens; he seems to sense he is supposed to lay still and let us fix it for him.

He is all better now. I am still slightly wigged out though. Yuck!

We leave for Des Moines on Thursday and I am quite excited. This is a very big show, # 3 in the country per the Art Fair Sourcebook. I am in a last minute frenzy of creativity right now, suddenly making new works like a crazed woman. I have tons of new ideas; luckily John is tolerant of me being in the studio nearly full time.

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  1. You say tic, I say tick. No matter which...YUCK. I can't stand them anywhere near me. Just so you might figure out where it came from...they do not fly or jump. They only have the ability to crawl. AND....a female, once she is well fed, will leave her host (cat/dog/person) and can lay 3000 eggs anywhere she pleases. So hopefully you flushed this pesty creature down the toilet after you got him. ANYHOW...have a great show in Des Moines. I think the weather will actually be great for you....something you deserve !!!!!!


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