Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sign of a collage artist

I have gel medium stuck to my left eyebrow. God only knows how it got there. I just peeled it off and am a little afraid to look in the mirror. May have been a free form waxing of sorts.

I have been working on the world's ugliest painting. Not really, but it has gone through some ugly stages. It redefined layering, this one has, oh lordy I couldn't even say how many layers. So many that the collaged parts are mainly obliterated. And I gessoed over it at least once plus it had 3 showers which is a new record. I did some different things and handled my "problems" in new ways. Consequently it was a real learning experience. The painting is 30x24.

I am not totally sure what it's about; I need to live with it a little longer for it to tell me. But I think it's about cycles, changing gears. Venturing forth. Something like that.

It will be pushed into action early as I need to put it in a show this weekend. I just found out I have a corner booth too. Yikes, what a time to be low on inventory. I am going to raid my house of a few abstracts and put them on the outside walls of the booth. I am thinking of doing all 6x6's on the back wall; that would be totally different. Or maybe even hang less work, allow more white space all around. A more spare approach.......hmmm, that would be different too. Need to think on this.

So, if you're in St. Louis, come on out to the CWE. It's a fun show. You gotta love it when people stroll around with martinis.


  1. I think that this piece is working very nice!!


  2. Wish I could have been gotta love the Central West End.


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