Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another kind of art

In between all of the visual art, I have been baking brownies. I am in quest of the perfect brownie. It must be fudgey and chewy, but not too chewy; sinfully rich as in food orgasm rich; and moistly dense. Not cake-like.

Katharine Hepburn's (who knew!?!?!) used to be my reliable recipe until I had a bad experience when the brownies became completely stuck to the foil I had used to line the pan. Not wanting to waste them, we developed a way to kind of gnaw them off the foil, but it wasn't pretty.

On St. Patrick's day, I made some Black and Tan brownies that incorporated Guinness beer. They were oddly satisfying despite my initial fears about the runny beer batter.

Over the weekend I made Truffle brownies, a Martha Stewart recipe. I wanted to try them mainly because of the ganache topping. Somehow I even managed to pour the ganache over the brownies rather than sit down and eat it with a spoon(I wonder why I can't lose weight, tee, hee, hee). These brownies had a perfect flavor but were too cakey. I am wondering if they would be better cooked for a shorter time? I will say they have gotten slightly more dense over the past couple days in the refrigerator.

But alas, I need to keep working it. And sorry, I don't need any more tasters. I have lots of them already lined up.


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  2. YUMMY.....chocolate has always been my favorite until now...

    My newest love are "key lime with white chocolate chips" cookies.

    I'd love to share a recipe, but I buy these, ready to bake, from a little shop called U-BAKE. So they come frozen in their dough form and I throw them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes and they are OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!!!

    If you're in Madison this summer, I'll bring you some !!!!

  3. okay, here's my little secret...duncan hines fudgy style brownies made with egg beaters and canola oil. perfect...seriously.


  4. Anonymous9:39 PM

    ...add a little chocolate syrup to the batter.

    p.s. Recipe for Black & Tan brownies? Sounds delightful!


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