Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Artfest

I haven't said too much about Artfest because it is hard to synthesize into a blog post. So many experiences all in a mad flew by so fast I barely had to time to breathe.

I looked at the images on my camera and was dismayed to find I took hardly any pictures. My friends took some so hopefully they will share with me and I can post later. This is the gang (or posse as some called us, tee, hee hee) that I travelled with and we all shared a house. We meshed amazingly well and I was glad they twisted my arm to attend. I don't have a picture of us, but it was great fun to finally meet my friend Shari who is just as cute and sweet as I expected. We had this funny synchronistic moment in Seattle and actually had our very first meeting in an Office Max parking lot.

You all know I was a neurotic wreck before I left - worrying about people not liking me (I am secretly quite shy); obsessing about art supplies; scared I would make really ugly art; afraid I might do something stupid like fart in my sleep - you name it, I was a mess all the way till the moment I got on the plane.

Despite my greatest fears, the whole thing went smashingly well. I learned a TON of new techniques, so many that my head is spinning and I now have about 2 million new ideas instead of 1 million. Unfortunately, no time to try them out just yet as I have 2 commissions lined up. I did finish the last Venus Envy piece yesterday and did all the paper work this morning, so I am ready for installation this Saturday.

All my Artfest classes were good but the Misty Mawn class was extra special. Partially because she is such a delightful serene soul. Or maybe it is her complete attitude of sharing that is so fresh. Or the fact she plays cool music so I got into a zone? Who knows? Here are the pieces I made in her class, these were done on 12x6 wood panels.


  1. it did go by too fast, and like you, i came home with just a few photos! your pieces from misty's class turned out beautifully!

  2. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Your art is wonderful and the picture is darling! Maybe someday....nah, I'll NEVER get there!
    Miss you!

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    These look wonderful. Wish I could see them better.

  4. i'm so happy i got to briefly meet you mary beth! your work from misty's class is beautiful; the three panels go together beautifully.

  5. These look WONDERFUL, but for some reason they won't enlarge. RATS! I want to examine them more closely. Looks like you were meant to be in Misty's class. And what a fun bunch you and your friends look to be! I had to laugh at the "farting in your sleep" comment. I always worry at these types of events because I snore. Apparently loudly. There are probably other things I do that would drive people loony, so I won't even go there. So glad to got to go and had a great time.


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