Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We'll let him think it's us

The last couple of nights Merlyn has been driving us crazy. He walks around the house in the middle of the night caterwauling like you could not believe. The first night I freaked out, leaped up from a sound sleep to run down the steps and see if he was OK. He was fine, just bored I believe. I carried him upstairs and installed him in bed between me and John.

The second night I didn't fall for it. He started up at about 4 am and I tried my best to feign sleep and ignore him.

The third night he did it while walking all over me. Then he knocked my glasses off the nightstand. Then he stood on my chest. You get the drift.

Last night when I was ready for bed, Merlyn was snuggled up next to John. I sat beside them and gave Merle a little lecture. I told him his behavior was uncalled for and that he needed to respect our sleep. I got pretty specific with him, told him the caterwauling had to end, walking on me during my sleep had to end, etc, etc. He looked at me intently (I swear he did, John as my witness) and then stood up, walked across the bed and sat down with his back to me.


John cracked up and said, "well, I guess he told you."

But last night he finally behaved. No crazy nighttime activity. I awoke in the middle of the night and he was curled up in my arms, sound asleep, having somehow burrowed in so quietly I didn't even realize he was there.

This morning I told John about it and said, "I think every once in awhile we need to let him know who's boss."

John looked at me and chuckled, "And who would that be?"

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