Monday, July 02, 2007


We had a perfect weekend with the kids. They are so much fun, even when Ian plays the pouty boy at Claire & Kenny's famous salmon party.
Later in the evening they got rambunctious and knocked me off my shoes (those are my faboo Kork-Ease; they make me 5'3").

What a time to cherish and a lovely prelude to my birthday week. Here are some snippets:

Morning cuddle time; it was insanely early but somehow I didn't mind when we were curled up in bed watching Peter Pan.

Dinosaurs and dolphin cupcakes, oh my. Not even too many sprinkles on the floor, yet another miracle.

"Why Yia Yia?, " Ian says. Again. And again. And again. Thank goodness, this too shall pass.

Studio time with Aidan. I gave him a small sketchbook and a mechanical pencil (his first). His drawings have always been good but I love the detail he works when using a pencil. Our discussions about art are so pure.

Songs and stories before bedtime, all four of us sprawled across the bed.

Wading in the creek, looking for fish and frogs and turtles. Boys and their never ending love for rock throwing - Ian heaving a rock nearly the size of his head.

And yes, I did attend a "foodie" part with a hot dog in my purse.

And then finally.....whew.....the quiet after we got them into bed. John and I, thankful for the opportunity to be part of the boy's lives; marvelling over the energy of their parents; and rejoicing for the magic of our grandchildren.

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  1. LOVE those shoes! Where can I get a pair! (oh great I will be taller than Larry!) xxpatti


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