Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stars all around

"Papa, you get a star for no pee in your pull up."

I had to stifle a laugh as 3 year old Ian, with a solemn voice, explained the compensation program to his grandfather.

These kids are a hoot. And they are all ours for the next 3 days as Mom & Dad play in Vegas, which they soooooo deserve. We don't have any big plans as they are easy to entertain. The creek ranks high up there, 1st in popularity and lucky for us since it's nearly right behind our house. Thankfully we have had some rain so there might even be a fair amount of water. Ian also told us he wants a root beer float and Aidan just wants to color. They are both going to daycare tomorrow so John and I can finish up our work week.

Then it's all play all the time. Woo hoo! Nothing like time with children to remind you what's *really* important.

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