Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Free Rice

My wildly talented Art Pub Studios buddy Sarah Fishburn turned me on to a cool site. If you like word games, just click on the Free Rice link to play. For every word you get right, a donation of 20 grains of rice will be made to help end World Hunger. It adds up quickly especially if you are word obsessed like me.
So, give it a try. It's fun and it's a good cause.


  1. Hey Mary Beth,
    You know that Free Rice web site? I've played it before and every time I have played it, I feel good about myself because I am donating food to the hungry.
    Max (heather's son)

  2. Anonymous6:29 PM

    oh dog, one of my yoga buddies sent this to me last year and I played it for hours--it is addictive! And you know how I love me my rice.
    -your junkin' buddy, RH

  3. Your art is just wonderful!

    Thank you for the inspirational blog visit!

    Since we are going to be in an upcoming book together, I wanted to say hi.



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