Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our house is a complete wreck. All of the furniture from our family room and kitchen is piled up in the living and dining room. Every single item from the kitchen cabinets and pantries has been boxed up, the art is stored away. Tomorrow AM (bright and early) our remodel will start and 6-8 weeks from now we will hopefully have wood floors along with a newly open floor plan, rehabbed kitchen and relocated powder room.
Like the house, I too am a wreck as I re-think this grandiose scheme of mine. Yikes, I have never done anything like this before and I continue to wonder if we are doing the right thing. I mean what if it doesn't look good once we tear the walls down; what if the floors are the wrong color, what if I mess up distressing our cabinets, what if we hate it all, what if, what if, what if?????Perhaps John will sneak a sedative into my coffee tomorrow so I don't flip out when the contractor and his crew arrive.
That big lump of quilts is actually my piano. Hopefully it is sufficiently protected from damage and dust. The cats have never been up on it before (duh). They are thrilled with the current layout of the living room; it's like one big cat playroom - they can walk up, over, across, under all of our stuff. And you can tell they think they are hot shit sleeping on top of the piano.


  1. Yours is on my list of blogs that make me smile. I never know what I might find on your blog when I happen along here....usually a giggle, always a smile. And your cats are fun too!
    Good luck with your re-model. Keep your sense of humor and you'll be fine.

  2. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Two words of advise...Donut Palace on Clarkson. Ryan likes "'prinkles" on his AND do not tell him that I told you that. Let the rip out begin! In fact, you should be hearing the back up beeping on the truck as I write this! Take some comfort in the knowledge that Bob wouldn't let you do anything stupid.

  3. Deep breaths, Mary Beth! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL! Trust in that... Shari

  4. Hi Mary Beth,
    You are an artist - your ideas for the remodeling will turn out great - I am sure of it!

    Do you play piano? I am a flutist. Art came later in my life.



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