Sunday, February 17, 2008

When I was young I remember thinking it was so weird that people (like my Dad) would wake up at exactly the same time every day. To the point they didn't even require an alarm.
Well, I am one of those people now. I wake up every single day at a couple minutes before 7am. This does not include my 3-4am awakening, but that's another subject.
Sometimes I am lucky enough to fall back to sleep, but most days I simply get up. Even if I have a specific appointment or somewhere to be, I find I don't need to set an alarm. This feels like some strange right of passage into another age zone.

And, in other thrilling news, I got an orbital sander over the weekend. Woo hoo, I have wanted one forever. I used 'painting the kitchen cabinets' as my excuse. And it is fantastic, sands just beautifully with virtually no effort. It has a handle on the side, so I can operate it several different ways, holding it by the handle or putting my hand over the top of it, or both. With it, I can easily replicate that distressed look on our cabinets - that same distressed look that costs a bundle of money at the kitchen stores, yippee!
Who would have thought I'd get so revved up over a power tool?

1 comment:

  1. i am up at the crack before dawn.
    i attribute it entirely to menopause.
    i kill alot of time in "stumble upon" land...its a sad story


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