Thursday, February 28, 2008

John and I play a little game with our Tivo. It's really easy. Wait till someone on TV is talking and their full face is shown. All you do is randomly pause the Tivo and see who can lock in the funniest expression on the person's face. It is a weird sort of amusement because then we try to imitate the face (yes, I know, we are misbehaving children. But we are living in our basement, so cut us some slack). I dearly love Brian Williams, but he apparently glances down while he's doing the news because we can almost always catch him with his eyes closed, or at least it looks that way. Oprah is another one because she shows a lot of drama on her face. As overly dramatic as I am, I can only imagine the crazed looks people could get if they could Tivo my face. You could also do this during political commercials, but hey, if you've got Tivo, you aren't watching them anyway, huh?

I am heading to Cincinnati today for Dad's surgery. Your good thoughts would be appreciated.


  1. i will keep your dad in my prayers, mary beth. blessings and light for his healing and your peace.

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I meant to say something in my email reply to you about your dad. Many thoughts and prayers for him!
    BTW,I really like your blog.


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