Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to my world

I always love it when bloggers (Misty, Beth, Judy) show snippets of their world. I have been so bad about doing that. I will try to change (my hubby can tell you how successful that is, snicker, snort)

The top photo comes from my office, just a few of my "things" - stuff that I like. I played in Photoshop to make the picture look a bit more dreamy. The glass globe is full of vintage Xmas things although it is year round decor for me. Those blue things are the feet we had to cut off my desk to fit it through the door. I couldn't bear to throw them away and kept all six for display.

Middle photo is Aidan, brave enough to try a plaster mask (I had done this years ago, but was reminded of how fun it can, thanks Misty!). Ian wussed out after watching his "brudah" suffer through the 10 minute drying time. Aidan was quite the sport though, passing time watching Sponge Bob (come on people, this is *not* a kids show, Beth & I were exchanging glances left and right as we instantly knew why we had not watched it before).

And finally, Jasper Johns. Patiently waiting.

If you wait, they will come. And surely they did, as shown in the final picture.

Hopefully you can see the bird if you click to enlarge.


  1. a little snippet of your fun was that ?

    especially the face masking....hee hee !

  2. love your snippets. ;)
    goodness, he is brave... i am not so sure india and jade would let me do that, but maybe... insert wicked motherly grin here~ :)

  3. LOVE the top photo! I'm loving the fact that your guy would sit for such a thing as a plaster mask. Very impressive!

  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Wait!!! You have the wonderful Aidan sitting with a plaster mask on his face and two straws up his nose and you're concerned about "Sponge Bob"?? :-)

  5. Karyl9:02 AM

    When will I learn to completely fill out "forms"???


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