Friday, March 05, 2010

Art Journaling

I adore art journaling, absolutely worship folks like Teesha and Judy and Kim who work on their journals regularly.

I buy all the journaling books and mags. Swoon and swoon more.

I own all the supplies. Swoon.

Yet I never seem to get it together.

Between managing all my other commitments, it seems that Art Journaling always falls by the wayside. It sounds ridiculous to say that I have too much 'other' art going on to journal, but that is basically what happens.

I do keep a written journal, one that is next to my bed, just plain old hand writing.....thoughts and dreams and sketches....I am sporadic
at best and will sometimes go months without entries, how sad is that.
But there was something about those Teesha YouTube videos that sucked me right back in. She made it look so easy!

I made her "Amazing 16 page Journal." I am now in the embellishment phase, sort of randomly working on pages. I did put some writing down on part of one page (below). Its my plan to finish all the collage and then carry this to Artfest with me. I will be able to do writing, doodling, etc. around all my collage parts. And I won't have to carry too many supplies (just the journal and a black pen) which is cool.

I am hopeful this is a habit I may be able to manage moving forward? And maybe I will become an Art Journal person after all.

One could only hope, huh?


  1. You and I are in the same mode! We love this - love to see others do it - and want to do it - but...somehow it goes by the wayside. So glad you jumped in - these are wonderful! What great colors and shapes to keep adding to as you continue :) Maybe think of the journals as small paintings and that would make it easier to start and get into it? Look at me, telling you - I should be telling me!!

  2. Hey!! Good for you! That is a wonderful idea and I may try that myself. I am terrible at journaling. I too have some fabulous BLANK journals!! Or with one or two pages done. Sigh! They succeed in making me feel bad!
    Good luck

  3. Really liked this post as well as your heart stones all in a row. How cool~

  4. What you have done looks good!

  5. bring your art journal with you to VR and maybe we'll have time to play :) ????

  6. Oh my Goodness ! My name in the same sentence as my idols, Teesha and Judy ? And a sentence written by the amazing artist and color guru, Mary-Beth Shaw ? Wowza ! You made my decade, Lady! ;)
    I was in Mexico last week with two friends and found myself without a place to play in my journal(only lounge chairs - no tables on the beach..I know, poor me, right ? ;)), in spite of the fact that I had brought a great little bag full of my play goodies. Finally by mid-trip, I could take it no longer, and I left my two Amigas in the sun, headed for an empty table in the palapa covered restaurant and broke out the tools. I can only think to describe the amazing feeling of playing on that paper with my watercolor crayons, my pens and my imagination as what a runner must feel when they hit that perfect pace...
    Hi, my name is Kim and I am an Art Journal Person. ;)
    Welcome back to the club...
    Big hugs !

  7. Oh, you've got a good start going there. I know JUST what you mean. I've spent two years yearning to make a visual journal and am just now doing it. It's more of a sketch book with embellishments, but also some writing. I guess that's a journal. (HA) It really is challenging. They do make it look easy. Isn't Judy the bomb? I'm going to go see those youtube videos now.

    Rock on, journaling sister!

  8. Testify my sista! I can completely empathize with your journal experience. I think folks who art journal so brilliantly like Teesha and Judy are Art Goddesses. I feel so inspiried when I see their work. However, I can translate that inspiration into my own art journal. Like you, I like to kick it old school with pen, paper and handwriting. I have seen Teesha's you tube videos and they are excellent. I can't wait to see your AF experience translated on these pages. xoxoxoxo


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