Friday, April 08, 2011


My classroom is a Chapel.

It is wonderfully spacious and has beautiful energy. We have so much room and can spread out.
I'll write more later, gotta get going to class. Oh how I love it here.

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  1. Colleen in NH9:04 AM

    Artfest...on my bucket list....I keep letting my other life get in the way...Have fun!

  2. Look at all that space! Would love to be there, have fun.

  3. Oh boy I am so jealous. Can't believe I am not there too. Oh well next year hopefully. And you may even have sun today as an added bonus. I use your stencils all the time with my students. We stenciled the dot one over brown paper to look like soil and now we are planting root vegetables on top. I will show you when done...

  4. Oh wow, a chapel! I wish I could work in a studio like that, but teaching a class in it sounds awesome too! Have fun!


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