Friday, April 29, 2011

For just one day....

Imagine a perfect day
for me, it would be sunny and warm-ish yet a little crisp
I would hang out with my grandsons and maybe go hiking off trail
Aidan, age 8, would lead us
thru brush so thick, I was bent over half the time
which is how I found this mongo Morel, see there is a benefit to nearly everything!
All our recent rainstorms made the creek swell and we found a tiny waterfall
And we all played and laughed and got really muddy, yep, even me.
I was a kid again.


  1. Now, that sounds like a PERFECT day to me!!!

  2. Pretty damn perfect day, Mary Beth. Brava to you for sokaing it all in.
    Have a great weekend !

  3. Where is the saw?
    Yum yum yummy day.

  4. Got to love grandkids for helping us discover the little things in life all over again :-)

  5. That mushroom gives me 'shroom envy! I hope it was a delicious as it looks!

    Glad you enjoyed such a lovely day. I HAVE to get to that botanical gardens.


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