Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Product Review - Sakura Pens

 Imagine my delight when I was asked to review a batch of pens made by Sakura. I was like a kid at Christmas when I opened the package that contained  Glaze® 3D Glossy, Gelly Roll Classics, Gelly Roll Moonlight, Gelly Roll Stardust Clear and Quickie Glue pens. Oh my!
Now I've used Glaze pens for years, but only the Black. Why? Who knows, it's just how I am, kind of a minimalist in certain ways. But this box of  16, The Glaze Collection Cube really opened my eyes to lots of opportunities. First of all, the colors are gorgeous and include a beautiful  burgundy, orange-like sepia and dusty olive among others.  They all do exactly what I've come to expect from my reliable Black Glaze in that they will write on anything. I mean.any.thing. Acrylic paint, packing tape and.....can you say glass? You can decorate candle holders or write your name on your portable speakers. And they are waterproof which is my other favorite thing because I can never stop myself from painting on top of everything I touch. Ahem. 
Another Journal spread - here I colored the apple slice, drew the rocks, added text and blue scribbles.
The Gelly Roll Classics are fun too.  Incredibly, I had never used one, oh where oh where  have I been!?!? They write with a feel similar to the Glaze pens and I found you can even blend them out to some extent or smear them with your finger. They are so opaque they will totally cover one another if you change your mind about color. I am partial to the Gelly Roll Moonlight colors particularly, and also that Stardust Clear pen is wonderful for going back and adding subtle sparkly bits.
Colored and embellished the clock face, added text and other touchups.
Journal page - I drew on top of the house image (from a magazine) , filled colors in the windows, did the text and all other mark making with the Sakura pens
Finally, the Quickie Glue Pen. Hmmm, I simply must come out from under my rock more often......my very favorite thing about this pen is that you can write with it and then rub thermal foil over top and it will give you a clean foiled text, so easy!! It is also very handy for gluing tiny edge pieces; overall it is just a good thing to have in your journal kit.
In the interests of full disclosure, these pens were sent to me by F+W Media, the company that owns North Light. North Light is the publisher of my book, Flavor for Mixed Media.
F+W didn't make me 'like' the pens, I just really do. 


  1. Now that's pen heaven! I love the Sakura line of pens but had not tried the glue pen. I love your idea of foiling your lettering, how cool would that be.

  2. Great review...fascinating. I have eveidently been under the same rock as you. The sunlight feels great!

  3. I didn't have a clue about the Sakura line of pens...thanks so much for the wonderful article and love your journal pages, too!

  4. I love this journal. Your pages are great! I also loved reading your reviews of the pens. Being a calligrapher, I am a pen-addict.


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