Sunday, April 03, 2011

Somerset Studio, here I come

It was the 'pee your pants' variety surprise, although thankfully I didn't.

I am talking about the email I received from Somerset Studio's editor, Christen Olivarez. The one where she asked me to write a column for the magazine.
Moi? Seriously?? How on earth did I surface on her radar?
At first I was convinced it was a hoax, somehow one of my nutball friends had hacked into Somerset's email. But then I realized how idiotic (not to mention unlikely) that would be. Clearly I read way too many suspense novels.
Truth is, Christen and her publisher, Kellene Giloff had seen my book at CHA.
I guess they liked it and one thing led to another which led to the email.
So of course I said yes. Duh. 
Somebody pinch me already. And please say some prayers for me 'cause I am one hot mess of excited anticipation. 

Layers of Flavor makes it's debut in the October issue. still have time to enter the contest on Judy's blog (for the book) and here (for the encaustic art).

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  1. i'll pinch you and grab you a box of depends just in case....

    congrats YOU !

    you are a layer of flavor !!!

  2. Congrats to you!! Somerset Studio is the best in print!

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM


  4. gee, I'm glad toni and I got to know you before you were famous! wonderful things have happened to you lately you deserve them! keep on truckin'

  5. Congratulations big time! This is wonderful, of course this means I will have to buy every issue if you are going to be a regular columnist. How very cool is that

  6. congratulations! that is wonderful news, and I heard about your book thru my friend Sarah.... thanks so much for stopping by La Dolce Vita, it is so nice to meet you and I will have to come back and visit often..
    and thanks for seeing where I am going with this show, sometimes I am really not sure!!

  7. Yeehaw !!! That is awesome, Mary Beth ! You will bring a wonderful down to earth, in the trenches touch to the mag. for sure. Love that ! Congrats !

  8. Yayyyy, congrats Mary Beth. Christen is the most awesome editor to work with. I'm thankful for her every time I write my column too. You willbe amazing!

  9. BIGtime congratulations to you and a big virtual hug!!

  10. how exciting! i can't wait to see what you have in store for readers :)

  11. Oh boy! Hurray for you!!!


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