Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adding or Subtracting

I am fascinated with the idea of adding or subtracting. Have no fear, I am not talking about math, just hang with me for a moment.....I remember the exact moment this occurred - I was at an artist's talk being given by local sculptor Iain Fraser.....someone asked him if his process was completely additive.....to which he replied, "yes" and then talked about that for awhile. I listened with one ear as I pondered my own process.
To be honest, I had never thought about this before as it seemed a little esoteric. But the more I pondered (and yeah, I get totally obsessive this way, especially in the middle of the night, ha!) the more I came to understand that my process is both Additive and Subtractive. Very strange for a girl who has never enjoyed Math.
"Happy Birthday Mr. Turner" 30" x 30"
(You can click on both of these images to enlarge, by the way)
"Ode to a Wall" 24" x 18"
These are my most recent explorations. There is a lot of additive followed by a lot of subtractive including use of a palm sander, distressing down into the layers......plus, the white squares were carved out of the finished piece, back to the white of the Claybord - don't the squares look like confetti? I will confess that the palm sander was slightly scary and I felt out of control during that part. But maybe that's a good thing?


  1. Very well done MB! I was looking at the second painting and thinking of the texture of the walls in Italy and then noticed the name of the painting. Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to take your classes at ArtFest....if I get to take my #1 choices!

  2. I knew just what you were referring to Mary Beth, for that is a process I understand :-) The interesting thing is, though we may be taking what looks like 3 steps forward and 2 back, it's all forward motion! These new pieces are wonderfully rich, full of mystery and suggestion of things that go deeper.
    Great post!

  3. i just did a small clayboard piece and used my xacto to write text into it all the way to the white background...LOVE this!

  4. I think these are some of your richest, most thought provoking pieces yet. I really, really love them. They, for some reason, make me think of glistening light and evoke images of sparkling treasure. oh, one day a big MB original will hang on my wall. xokp

  5. can't wait for your class!!!
    Linda E

  6. I hop by your blog on a regular base, and this time I just HAVE to leave you a comment.. .these pieces are so beautiful!!! I still enjoy the art I won from you, as you know, it's on our sidetable in the living room and both my beloved and I feel like it still speaks to us, telling us stories every day and it never bores us (is that the right expression?)
    Enjoy your weekend dear one!


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