Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Gifts from me to me

Uh yeah, I guess I bought myself even more than I mentioned here.
I was at Artmart last week, that is our local art store extraordinaire. They have great buyers who stock the place with all the goodies you want. I mean seriously.
Anyhoo, they had this metallic set of encaustic paints from R+F.  This is the set.  I really wanted it, oh did I ever, swoon....... Lucky for me I had a 40% coupon burning a hole in my pocket so poof! They are mine.
I have been playing with encaustics a lot recently. I found that if you use a certain white (sadly, I don't know which one cause the label is missing from mine) plus a metallic, you can get these totally wild effects. I like heating the encaustic paint until it is molten, where it is kind of swimming on the substrate. I love to watch the colors move in and out of each other. There is a certain point where they repel one another, the colors do, and it is just magic. I could watch this all day long. Way cool.
And another thing I got were earrings. For many years I have had double piercings in both ears. I usually wear pearls that John gave me in the top hole, but I wanted another pair, more simple. I found them on this site. I wanted really small and delicate studs. Grace makes them, you can see a few more pairs here.


  1. Love the paintings!! Fabulous!

  2. It's always worth trying new products and this has worked well for you.

  3. Haven't ventured into encaustics yet, but the effects are so cool! Love your work!

  4. Linda Esterley10:10 AM

    oooohhhh yeahhhhh! i can smell the beeswax! yummo!


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