Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Painting is Finished

Remember my Step by Step?
Well, it is finished now. Not varnished as of yet, I think I have mentally reserved the right to still make a change. There is something about it that isn't quite working and I can't put my finger on it. So perhaps I am saying it is really not finished. Hmmm. I played around with cropping......right, as if.......geez, it is a stretched canvas. But I really like it as a square.
I think the composition is much stronger probably due to the fact it reads as more 'grounded' as a square. I have turned the canvas all four ways (I painted in all 4 directions) and I do think this is the strongest orientation.
But...... I am seriously thinking about pulling the canvas off its stretcher bars and either re-stretching part of it. It would be a 48" x 48" then. Or framing it, which would cost a fortune. Have I lost my mind?
I am interested in comments, so tell me what you think.
There is a possibility I just prefer squares which is certainly true.


  1. I personally, would not go to all of that time , cost and trouble. Iti is a very beautiful and resovlved peice as is, in my humble opinion. I do like the cropped compostion very much...but in my mind you tend to do works in series , so why not just do your next ones in square format. Would be awesome to have two squares along side the largesse of this....
    That's just my thought, since you asked ;)

  2. I like it as it is, but maybe you like the 'falling off the canvas' look of the square. If you judiciously add a couple of other circles going down to the bottom of the rectangle canvas with one of them cut off, so to speak, you might get that same effect. I agree with kae pea and would not tear it apart.

  3. P.S. Aren't you glad you documented the progress of this giant? It's changed so much since you started!

  4. Love the colours- love the drips

    I agree with letterlady- my eye keeps catching on the bottom circles- it's the only side without circles going off the edge. Could be why you like the square format.

    Wonderful work!

  5. Not that I am an expert by any means but I so agree with the above! I have never had luck taking a painting off stretcher bars for any reason. I also think a cut off circle on the bottom of the canvas might balance things off and make the eye want more. But it is amazing as it is although I know YOU have to love it.

  6. It's a beautiful piece and you've gotten a couple of good ideas. I'm with letterlady for the fix on the large piece if you feel you must, by extending the circles to the end of the canvas it will ground the piece as it does in the square version.

  7. I see what you mean, but I have no wise advice to add. I'm only starting to(learn to) paint myself.
    So it is great to see the progress of a piece like this.
    I can only say that the first thought I had opening this post was 'gorgeous!'

  8. I thought the first photo was gorgeous, then I saw the cropped square, and thought that was even better. Aaargghh! Do some of us simply have a thing about paintings that look as if they should go on, but don't, and drop of the edge instead?
    They are both very good, but its like comparing apples to oranges - you can't. I love the suggestion of a series, then you can explore the theme and and we can get to enjoy the journey with you!
    I'm sorry, I'm simply not that much help here, I'd just like both!

  9. MB.. Well.. That first photo was just pop in my face.. love it. I wouldn't touch it. Put it in a corner for a little while and when you walk by it, maybe you'll feel different. Don't take it off; just do a new one.

  10. I wouldn't change the vertical one, either. It really gives a sense of floating balloons or floating moons or worlds in the top one - some air for all those shapes to breathe. The squared one seems a bit static and stiff to me. Just my two cents (to save you lots of cents!!).

  11. Add me to the "don't restretch it" club. I think it is strong as is (although I too like he square crop). I don't mind that there are no circles falling off the bottom, but my eye would add perhaps some of that yummy cranberry/purple from the upper right to the lower right for balance. Not a lot...just enough :-)

  12. I agree with cropping but I wouldn't want to go to the expense and trouble. I'd just remember for the future. I would think you'd already be stretching your own canvases by now. I have a question about the circles. Some of them look like they are attached to the canvas. They're the same colours but they've been turned. How on earth do you do that? Do you tell us how in your book?

  13. Keep as is. I think it's fantastic.


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