Thursday, March 15, 2012

France & Italy, oh my, oh my!!

In June I will be teaching a workshop in the south of France. It is sold out and I recently mailed all my students 'welcome' packets. Here is a picture of the canvas bag that I hand painted for each person. 
Inside were lots of goodies - details of the trip, French music, a Rubbing Cake plus fabulous products furnished by Faber-Castell. I love their products and am so lucky they take good care of my students.
If you missed out on France, you can always sign up for Italy - see the details HERE. I am crazy excited about Italy and trying ever-so-hard to not wish my life away since it doesn't happen till 2013. But guess what? It is not too early to start planning, hint, hint, so consider joining me!
I feel so incredibly blissed to have these amazing opportunities. Life is very very good indeed.


  1. Dude!
    You're a rockstar!



  2. Oh sounds so wonderful. A tour of France!! How divine!!
    And the Italy tour sounds just as scrumptious.

  3. Good Day! Bonjour! Ciao!
    Have been visiting your wee space here for sometime and just wanted to pop in and say Hello and how dreamy a workshop of yours sounds in both France and Italy!
    I too, am trying not to wish my life away, as I am downright excited (might as well be heading to Europe based on my anticipation!) to have signed up months and months ago for your Extra Terrestrial Texture looking forward to meeting you and well, I may not be touring France or eating spaghetti in Italy, but Port Townsend will be tres merveilleuse & molto grande!:)

  4. Look at your Global artist self! France and Italy, way to go MB!

  5. I tried to register for the class in France a week (or was it two?) ago, but unfortunaly I was too late :-(. Well, maybe it will be for another year.... (hint, hint)


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