Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winter Vacation

Now that it is nearly Spring here in Missouri, I thought I might share some of my winter vacation photos. We went to Cedar Key, FL in February. I know, I know, you have never heard of it. That is because it is a little known off the beaten path destination in the north central coast on the Gulf side. You basically drive to Gainesville and then head for the coast which is about 55 miles. It is a very small lazy li'l town. Restaurants may or may not be open each day, the grocery is tiny, shopping practically non-existent (which was quite a money saver I might add ha, ha).
But the sunsets.....oh my oh my. Simply stunning. And it was like this every.single.night.

 I am infatuated with these Live Oaks. We stayed in a house on a very teeny weeny key; it was called an island, but that is kind of an exaggeration. It was incredibly beautiful though and yes, we were surrounded by water. To sit on the porch and look at these trees day after day was a complete treat.
 I had time to sketch and write and think.
Decadent and serene all at the same time.


  1. There's nothing quite like a sunset over water. It's like the sun is slipping into a drawn bath.

  2. My dear, not only have I heard of Cedar Key, I have indeed stayed there a time or two myself. And you are exactly right ~ things may or may not be open at any given time and there is absolutely nothing to do there. Delicious!!!!!!!!

    p.s. your shots are beautiful :-)

  3. missed you...thank you for the beautiful sunsets!

  4. Sounds like paradise to me, and look at those trees and sunsets...

  5. Gorgeous!! I could live there I think

  6. Oh my.. these are quite amazing.. so rich and beautiful. How can you not take a great picture with this in front of you.


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