Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winsome Wednesday

Lots going on here in the Shaw household as I complete my preparations for the final Artfest.  I am so grateful that I will be teaching there although I feel sure it will be melancholy to say good byes.
I have had such good times at AF. This photo is a flash back to my first year of teaching there which was 2008. It was my very first 'bigtime' teaching gig. I was a wreck with nervousness as you might imagine and my class, by some freak of nature, was sold out. What an experience, unlike any other! Artfest profoundly changed my life direction as I made the decision to move away from the 'Art Fair' life into the 'Teaching Circuit.' Which led to more teaching gigs to my book to more teaching to my column at Somerset to hmmm, who knows what will be next?
StencilGirl Products is rocking right now - we have new stencils that are absolutely delicious. Check out Tracie Lynn Huskamp's blog to see her premier StencilGirl designs (fab!) and  psssst.....a little birdy told me that pillow is gonna be mine, woo hoo!!
And also look at Deborah Boschert's Blog to see an amazing quilt she made using one of my stencils designs. So gorgeous, I sure wish I could sew like that.
Love seeing what people make with the stencils, love, love, love!!!


  1. MaryBeth, meeting you a few year's ago, I knew you were destined for much bigger things - and am so glad they have come to you (through your energy and hard work and your wonderful personality)!!! Keep growing, keep spreading those wings - no telling how high you can fly!

  2. MaryBeth... THANK YOU for asking me to be part of your merry band of stencil artists. I am LOVING these new products, making all kinds of goodies.

    And YES! the Lavender Pillow is a gift for you! See you soon!



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