Sunday, August 06, 2006

The good, the bad and the sleepy

The Good: Check out my new French Wall! Isn't it adorable? That's the 30" wall over at the front left of my booth. When we were in Madison, I got the idea that I wanted an extra wall up front so that people could look at some of my work without actually entering the booth. See, I noticed a lot of people simply walking by and I wanted a little something up front that could be easily viewed without making a commitment to actually come IN to the booth. And the Frenchwall rocks. It worked beautifully!

The Bad: Yeesh, check out the view behind the tents! Looks like we are camping!?!! And God only knows, this little Princess does.not. camp. We put up an awning behind our booth and our back door neighbors, the delightful and fun(!) Mary and Spence Watson, clipped on to it with a back flap. Before you knew it, we had our own private fort. Except for all the confused customers who thought the sidewalk was actually for walking and mistook the backs of the booths for the fronts. Seemed obvious to us, but not so to many people who actually stooped under our awnings, crawled around our chairs, etc. It got to be a joke after awhile.

And the Sleepy: This 8 week old puppy, Layla, actually took a nap in my booth. She was so adorable. But the fact a small puppy was able to sleep in my booth says a lot about the show. 350,000 people???? Hmmm, I guess I must have missed some of them. Like a couple hundred thousand maybe?

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