Thursday, August 31, 2006


I continue to be amazed by the amount of Spam that is sent to my website (what do the spammers get out of this!?!?). Good grief, as if I could ever find real mail in and amongst all the crap. What humors me is the "subject" entered by the spammers. I suppose they are trying to avoid filters but seriously, do they think an email with a subject of Better future, whip snake is going to simply sneak in and appear like normal mail!?!?!

Crazy dreams last night. In real life, I am down to the last 5 shows of the season and have been working on biz ideas, thinking about how to end the season with a bang, contemplating shows for next year, considering options for the booth. I pretty much think about it 24 hours a day because, regrettably, my mind does not rest while I am asleep. In the midst of all this, our dishwasher went out last week so I did research on options and bought a new one which was installed on Tuesday.

So on to last night's dream. The new French wall was in the booth, my work hung pretty much like I normally do. I was considering display options, possible purchase of another French wall for the back of the booth or a bigger counter/table, this all happening in my dream. And suddenly there it was........a dishwasher installed front and center in my booth, somehow embedded within a mesh wall panel.

Clearly, I need a break.


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    ...or you need to do a piece of art with a 1930's woman standing next to her third pile of dishes for the day, dreaming of a miracle machine. I know that your fertile and slightly warpped mind will come up with a suitable comment for that... :-)

  2. you have a dishwashing IRL (in real life) and in your dreams? as my grandfather would say, "does your father own TWO houses?"

    could you spare one dishwasher (real or imaginary) for the wallace household?



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