Monday, August 14, 2006

Our neighborhood is pretty far out from St. Louis proper. We are in the county, way out west as some say, ha! and near lots of narrow winding roads. Like the road I travel to "The Valley," a strip mall extravaganza of a shopping area that has brand spankin' new box stores, chain restaurants, an enormous movie cinema, our fave local coffee shop and a gourmet ice cream parlor. This is all about 7 minutes from my house, an area of excessive commercialism with which I am in a love/hate relationship; probably more love because it is darn handy to have it all so close to home.

The roads that lead to The Valley are fun to drive. Twisting, turning, up and down and all around. Trees overhang in many spots, there is a creek (regrettably dry since we have had little rain) which runs next to the road and a nearly one lane bridge with a hairpin turn, no issue for my little Saab, but the Hummers and other numerous SUV's take it slow and even wait their turn for a solitary pass. Plus there are clearings where I know I will always see deer and wild turkey. I love this road and hope the land is never sold for development. Driving this path once a week allows me the most brief imaginary existence away from suburbia.

There is just one house that is visible; there are others I know, but they are discreetly hidden up hills, behind trees, to the point you can't even see them in the winter. But I am talking about this old white farm house right next to the road. A farmer I am guessing as the owner sells bales of hay in the fall and sometimes has a table with vegetables for sale. The yard is strewn with decorative ornaments, whirligigs mainly, that catch your eye as you drive. And signage. Oh lordy do they have signage. These folks are baseball fans in a big way. They have perhaps 8 or more signs cheering the St. Louis Cardinals, signs which cite specific players to the team in general, "Honk if you love the Cardinals."

I can just imagine the scene. The husband and wife are lying in bed asleep. HonkHonk HonkHonk. HonkHonkHonk. Beer bottles flying out the window as unruly teens careen by the house. Husband wakes up and smiles.........."Cardinal fans......."

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  1. The Valley....oh how I miss the Valley !!! and you are right...the area on and off wildhorse creek road is spectacular this time of year.
    Thankfully our friends here have some beautiful land and being there this weekend we got to see those silly wild turkeys, too. And on our way out we saw two bucks and then a momma with her twin fawns.....too cool !!!!


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