Saturday, August 12, 2006

I have had the most amazing couple of days. I scheduled a "retreat" of sorts with myself. This means I get to mess around in the studio, look at books, play with my art supplies, and ignore the ringing phone. Because here's the best part.......John fields calls for me. He tells people that I don't want to be disturbed or some such thing. I don't know exactly what he is saying; I am guessing my friends know me well enough to understand my artistic temperament. And I am sure most of them know I need to re-charge. All I want to do is playplayplay with paint.

I am having so much fun. He(that being John) doesn't even call me up for meals like he normally does. I nearly forgot about lunch yesterday until I realized I was starving to death about 2:30.

Today I left the house late afternoon because I want to get some art books at the library, pick up a gift for my aunt and grab a new brush. John asked me to get some light bulbs too. Which meant I needed to stop at Lowe's. Oh my gosh that turned into a stimulating visit. Naturally I decided to look at paint swatches and was mesmerized by the selection. I am thinking of painting the studio and picked up the first round of contenders. Also got a terrific book at the library which has tons of pictures of the SBC art collection.

All my playing has jump started new abstracts. I am very excited about this work; it feels so organic to me, different yet similarly rooted if that makes any sense. I decided to start out on paper which deviates from my usual method. The studio, as you might imagine, is a mess. And I couldn't be happier.

I will share some of the new works shortly, so stay tuned.

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