Friday, August 18, 2006

What were they thinking?

Snakes on Planes. I can not imagine anything worse. In fact, I can't even watch the previews or read an article about this movie. The idea of snakes slithering around on a plane and dropping from the overhead bin makes my skin crawl. Literally.

A neighbor boy threw his pet snake on me when I was perhaps 12 years old. Tossed it across the yard and it landed it's snakey ass on my neck and shoulder before I flailed about and it fell to the ground. I nearly peed my pants. Needless to say, this incident pretty much terrorized me for life.

So, Snakes on Planes? I think not.


  1. this movie is all nathaniel has talked about for months. he and about 40 of his closest friends are going to see it tomorrow and then have a rip-roaring "snakes on a plane" party afterwards.

    i'm with you, mb. i cannot imagine anything at all entertaining about snakes on planes.


  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    As my mom said last night when the movie ad was on tv, "gee, nothing like a movie about my two BIGGEST fears." Planes + snakes = her nightmare!
    -your flea market pal, Robin

  3. I couldn't agree about "cakes on a plane" where it's just a bunch of women and pastries and we're all off flying to exotic location. LOL !!!!!


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