Sunday, April 15, 2007

No time to rest

Whew, what a weekend! Despite the crappy weather, Venus Envy was fun. There were lots of laughs and good times spent with a number of my friends who braved the cold rain and came out . I soooo appreciate time to enjoy the art and music with friends. And their patience and understanding as I talk to other attendees is terrific. In addition to many laughs, yummy sangria, and good tunes, I had lots of sales. That was a relief because, after so many months "off" work, I am grateful to see an income again.
This is a picture of me from the last night. I am wearing one of my fantastic Parisian flea market finds that I bought at the coolest little shop in Port Townsend. That is my warm cashmere poncho on top. I kind of rigged it up as a shawl of sorts, first using a chip clip to hold it behind my back. Until my brilliant husband pointed out I could simply button it under my arms. Well duh, that is infinitely more convenient than wearing a chip clip. He always was smarter than me.
The art was especially good this year with many fine artists, some exhibiting for the very first time which is one of the best parts of Venus Envy, the opportunity and exposure for emerging artists. This second shot shows several exhibits in the background and you can get a flavor of the warehouse atmosphere. I loved the installation shown. I am having some sort of a brain fart and cannot remember the artist's name however, I talked to her about her work. It represents a dream she had recently, one of a series of dreams where she is always dressed in red and is in imminent danger from an unseen force. In this particular manifestation, she finally saw the danger in the form of wolves coming after her. The white doves are warning her and offering protection. I thought it was really a cool work of art, very skillfully done.
John came to the show last night with our friends Bud & Marian, who I have to thank for these photos. I swear I don't know why I even carry a camera when I apparently can't remember to use it.
I need some time to sleep but it is apparently not going to happen until I get into the car for John to drive us down to the ONB Magic City show. Cause I've got a lot of art to make in the next 9 days.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Mary Beth:

    You look absolutely beautiful in these pictures. Congrats of such a sucessful show!It sounds as if Venus Envy was a blast and showcased several different styles of expression. Way to go!

  2. The installation's artist's name is Holly Gallaher. She's from Kansas City and this was her very first exhibit. You wouldn't know that from the quality of the work. She was SO JAZZED to be accepted into the show. There were so many new artists who could energize us "old" ones!

    Love the idea of slashing the old stuff. I've got just such a box in my studio and a new blade in my knife!

  3. forget about your art (which you know that I love) for just one minute and look at the two of you together in this that's a beautiful piece of art of which should be enlarged and hung somewhere or at least made into Christmas cards...seriously, you both look terrific !!!!

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    you look smashing daaahhhling ~

    this show looks very kool~ I have never been to an art show~ someday :)

    your art looks beautiful on the walls of the gallery!

    you mentioned in Art Pub about the menstruating art works, do you have a link to that? I would love to see it, sounds intriguing~

    xo ~Izabella


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