Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is my life

We are on Day 3 of the Remodel. I sure don't want my lil ol' blog to turn into Remodel Central but it is kind of monopolizing my life right now. To say the least, geez.

We have temporarily located the cats downstairs in my studio and they are not (I repeat NOT) happy campers. Demolition is loud for one thing and it scares them. Plus we don't allow them to explore each night as there is just too much scary stuff, vents they could fall into, etc. You know how nosy cats are, I think it's driving them crazy not knowing what is going on. Cats hate change. I am also convinced they miss sleeping with us.

One might assume Merlyn would be fearless because he is so large, but that is simply not the case. He is the biggest baby of them all and hides in the most unbelievable spots, usually in some previously invisible corner, somehow wedging his furry body into the tiniest and most secluded spot he can find. He ignores my attempts to offer him a blanket or afghan, instead prefers to sleep among a mass of electrical cords or a folded plastic tarp. Yesterday I had to belly crawl under two tables to find him.
The contractor and his crew are good workers. Respectful, intelligent, very diligent. They assure me they site will be secure enough so we can let the cats out this weekend. Because it is all about the cats. When it's not about me of course.

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