Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crossing lines

Well, I already did it last week (crossed the line, that is) when I talked about politics.  So now I'm doing it again.  Religion.  It's a topic we see a lot and I will confess to not attending a regular church or being part of any organized religious effort.  I do have my beliefs though.  And they can pretty much be summed up in 3 words.  Compassion. Golden Rule.  So imagine my surprise when I heard about this short video.  These are my people!  Just click over there and you will find the video.  It's fantastic; The Charter for Compassion.  

In other news, I am sick with infections in both ears, fever, sinus, etc.  Ugh, it's horrible and propelled me to the doctor yesterday.  I am now on an antibiotic which seems to be helping since I am actually out of bed, yippee.

And I made my first sale on etsy.  What a thrill.  I will try to upload more things as my strength returns.   


  1. I hope you are feeling better my friend -- that sounds just miserable.

    Thank you for the link -- it is something i'd like to look at.


  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon as well. This video looks really interesting, but the sound keeps cutting out. Do you know of anywhere else it is posted, maybe in lower quality?

  3. You poor girl! I hope you are on the mend now. My daughter has also been very sick... get away from me germs! Take care of yourself!


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