Sunday, November 30, 2008

The floggings will continue

What a lovely 3 day holiday.  When I used to be in the "corporate" world, I would enjoy 3 days off as pure vacation and use the time to relax and decompress.  Of course now things are quite different since I work for myself.........and I basically used this time to jam in some extra hours.  

That's not to say I didn't have any fun, because I certainly did!  We spent Wednesday night with family and friends and then spent Thursday with more friends.  On Saturday, I went to an Open Studio event held by a ceramic artist I know, Yael Shomroni.  I met her several years ago at Venus Envy,where she bought a piece of my work.  She's a total doll, just the sweetest person who radiates the most beautiful energy.  Her studio is a dream and I bought John a mug in her signature cobalt blue glaze.  It is gorgeous.  

Then a friend and I went to Craft Alliance and the Rock + Roll Craft Show.  Both events had incredible art & craft items and I got some Christmas shopping done.   I love this time of year with all the fun events by creative folks.

The rest of the weekend was spent putting my studio back together after a season of back to back shows.  Things were quite a mess.  Not to mention, I had some new lighting installed in the "gallery" room and it was completely wrecked.  John painted it for me and it looked quite amazing after I worked all day Friday organizing.  Of course today I did something completely stupid and I really messed it up.  UGH.  I am beating myself up over my idiotic actions and trying to figure out how to fix the carpet disaster I created......why I cannot leave good enough alone I will never know.  Argghhh, slaps self in head....once I get this figured out and everything is fixed, I may show photos.  For now, I am simply too mad at myself.  

I added some new items to my etsy shop.  Link is on the side.  I'm sending a free gift with every purchase between now and Christmas.

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