Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tagged for 7

I've been tagged by Kay.  I'm supposed to list 7 unusual things about myself.  Well.  It's actually hard to pick 7 that I haven't previously mentioned cause I have talked about a lot of my oddities before.  Anyway, here goes:  

1.  Whenever I walk outside into the bright sun, I sneeze three times.  Yep, always 3.  My husband will wait for the 3rd sneeze before he blesses me.
2.  I treat animals as though they are people.  And I'm not talking about anthropomorphizing.  I mean I *really* treat them like they are people; I talk to them, ask them their opinion, etc. I swear they respond.  
3.  I have a lot of little rituals that I follow.  Wearing my "lucky" earrings when I set up a show.  Keeping "heads up" pennies.   Wearing certain clothes for certain things.  
4.   I am pretty tuned in from a psychic standpoint.  I know who is calling before I look at the caller ID.  I can predict where I will find a parking spot.  That kind of thing.  It doesn't work all the time but I am always grateful when it does.
5.  I go through phases with food, eating the same thing all the time.  I've talked about this before, but I'm into a new food right now.....powdered peanut butter.  It totally rocks because it is good plus it is very low calorie.  The company that makes it smooshes up all the peanuts and gets the oil out of them so nothing is left but peanut powder.  You activate it with water and voila!  
6. I like for all my books to be organized so they are even with the edge of the shelf like we used to do when I worked at the library.  
7.  I secretly wish I could dance.  Not like dancing with the stars, but just a kind of graceful movement that looks like I feel comfortable in my own body.  

Ok, that was seven.  

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