Monday, November 24, 2008

Good one, John

My husband is a funny guy.  He is pretty quiet and some people miss his sense of humor which is why I have to rat him out.  
Here is his latest idea:

You know those credit card solicitations?  We get them from a ton of companies including one that advertises on TV with Neanderthals (Huh!?!?!? who thought of that idiotic campaign?). Anyhoo, we get an average of 5 a week for one or the other of us  We have apparently not used up enough of the credit available to us, so they feel compelled to offer more and more and more.  It is annoying, not to mention a colossal waste of paper and postage cost. 

John has decided to fight back.  He first opens the solicitation and removes the blank checks and app and shreds them.  Then he takes the postage paid envelope and seals it up (empty) and places it in our mailbox with the flag up.  That way we can easily glance out the window and know when the mail has arrived cause the flag will be down. 

Pretty good gag, huh?  Not to mention useful.


  1. Put the shredded stuff in the envelope and send it off....the poor people who have to open the envelopes would really love you all! :)

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    lollllll. this is too funny...i am going to have to give this idea to my mom... i could see her doing this... ;-)

    wishing you a very happy thanksgiving!!!

  3. I go one better. I save them all till I have a nice selection, then mix and watch inserts from different companies and mail them back. So like Visa gets an Amex ad and MC gets Visa and so on.

    If you can't make them stop, might as well fight back, I say!

  4. That should read "mix & match".


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